Talking to Young Actors about Emotion

Number of participants: Unlimited Recommended ages: 4-7 Duration of lesson: 15-30 minutes (depending upon class size) Required materials: Magazines 3-6 pieces of poster paper Tape, wacky tacky or something to hang the poster paper Markers Kid scissors Glue stick(s) STEP 1: Give each participant a pair of child/safety scissors and access to an assortment of […]

Worlds Worst

WORLD’S WORST This game is great fun and many people are already familiar with it thanks to the popular improv show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” I suggest that you explain the game and assemble a list of possible characters and/or professions before you start so that you can keep things flowing and keep the […]

Fortune Teller

Required materials: None Number of players: 3 at a time Have three students stand side-by-side in front of the class. The three students are fortune tellers. The rest of the class can ask the fortune-tellers questions about the future. Have the students in the audience raise their hand if they think of a question and […]

My Bench

Required Materials: 2 chairs or a bench big enough for two people Number of people: Two people at a time Player number one sits down. Her objective or goal in this game is to have a quiet day. She imagines that she is seated on a bench, in a park, on a nice day. She […]


This is a very simple Improv theater game that works best with actors that are as young as 3rd grade but it can also be challenging for adults. You can ask for plot suggestions from those seated in the audience or, if you are working with a script, it can be a great warm up/team building […]

What Was the Question?

Required materials: None Number of people: Two at a time Call upon two performers to stand in front of the class. These two performers are only allowed to speak in questions. No statements. Everything they say must be in the form of a question and must be inflected vocally as a question. The first person […]

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