What Was the Question?

Required materials: None

Number of people: Two at a time

Call upon two performers to stand in front of the class. These two performers are only allowed to speak in questions. No statements. Everything they say must be in the form of a question and must be inflected vocally as a question.

The first person to say anything that is not in the form of a question must sit down and another performer is called upon to take his place.

Sample dialogue

  • Player 1: How are you?
  • Player 2 Why do you ask?
  • Player 1: Have you seen a doctor recently?
  • Player 2: You mean my primary care doctor?
  • Player 1; How many kinds of doctors are there?
  • Player 2: Aren’t there a lot of different kinds of doctors?
  • Player 1: How should I know?
  • Player 2: Which doctor should I see?
  • Player 1: How are you feeling?
  • Player 2: Don’t I look fine?


Involve the rest of the class by asking them to suggest a situation that the performers can act out.

Situation examples:

  • Patient/doctor consultation
  • Parent teacher conference
  • Taxi driver/customer
  • Two pageant contestants in line for the crown
  • Car salesperson and shopper
  • two friends who both like the same guy


Have the class write down their situation suggestions on index cards, shuffle them and place them face down. Have each new pair of performers “pick a card” and that’s the situation that they must act out. Speaking only in questions, of course.

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Sep 11, 2013

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