By Ms. Valerie

Scholarships Are More Than Money

When it came time for me to start applying to colleges, my parents and I made this deal. Since my dad was an accountant and therefore the most adept person in the family with money, he would complete all the financial aid papers on my behalf if I agreed to pound the pavement for scholarships. […]

5 Theater Habits that are Science Conventions

Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion. – Stephen Hawking Theater is a structured, project-based activity that requires a unifying vision, creativity and a passion for truth.  There are many ways in which youth theater activities support scientific conventions and 21st Century precepts. 1- Questioning The theater […]

5 Theater Habits that Support ELA Standards

Theater is a Language experience that is academically linked to Literature and Humanities studies. There are many ways that youth theater activities support CCSS reading habits and 21st Century precepts. 1- Interaction Between Readers The theater experience challenges participants to be accountable for a written work, particularly the text and stage directions that pertain to his or her assigned character. […]

Theater Made Me One of the Smart Kids

Growing up, I was confident in my work ethic, but never considered myself an especially smart or extraordinary student.  I have always taken pride in the notion that what I lack in natural ability I make up for in passion, diligence and resourcefulness.  In the absence of what I consider to be extraordinary talent or […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Not Getting the Part

After weeks of watching your child agonize and prepare for that audition, the news finally comes in.  And it’s not good.  Your child did NOT get the part.  There are tears.  There is upset.  There is drama everywhere, though not the kind you were hoping for.  You feel powerless.  Your natural instinct is to try […]

Actor Resources – Character Analysis

Enjoy this Character Analysis Worksheet designed for Kids Grades 4-6 In my experience directing as many as 111 young actors, I have learned that it is nearly impossible for one adult (and even two adults) to keep every student fully engaged 100% of the time.  I often found myself having to come up with relevant tools and […]

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