By Ms. Valerie

Parenting Your Creative Child Within

I’m a parent, a business owner and a wife. That’s how I would characterize myself if I was pressed to identify who I am in relation to that which places demands on me every day. But occasionally I’m also a singer, director, actor, theater teacher, dancer, party planner and, if I really thought about it, […]

And GO!

5 REASONS THEATER GAMES ARE VALUABLE TO AN ACTOR’S TRAINING. I had a friend in college, a fellow theater major, who was a strong actor but a weak memorizer. I don’t say that to be rude — he is a good person and a friend. He was entirely aware of his Achilles heal and would […]

8 Household Items

Summer is here! School obligations have ended or have at least tapered off and, no matter where you live or how old your kids are, there will inevitably be rainy days or even late summer days when your kids (and even their neighborhood friends) will lie around your house complaining about how bored they are. […]

Upstage/Downstage: Why?

One of the first lessons that I teach young performers is how to take direction and move across stage. When I say young performers, I am typically referring to elementary school students. However, anyone who is new to the rehearsal process, regardless of age, needs to be able to recognize basic theatrical lingo in order […]

Ten Playwrights Every Theater Person Should Know

If you are a high school student who has aspirations of obtaining a degree in theater or if you are an adult who finds him or herself newly and unwittingly drawn to theatrical pursuits, I urge you to get acquainted with the following ten playwrights. Theater, like fine art and music, encapsulates a wide range […]

Great Playwrights on Acting Vol. 1

Shakespeare The following noteworthy speech is from “Hamlet.”  In it, Hamlet provides acting instruction to a troop of performers who have agreed to present a play that is intended to expose Hamlet’s step-father as a murderer.  Despite the intense given circumstances, this speech offers excellent advice to  all actors.  Through the character of Hamlet, Shakespeare remarks about gestures, […]

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