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Idealism in a World Far From Ideal

As a young budding musician in high school, I am now slightly ashamed to admit that music was the most important thing to me. The shame lies not in my immature idealism, but in the fact that I would use it as an excuse to get a pass out of senior pre-calculus. Entering college as […]

Do the Arts Really Help My Child in Math?

I’m willing to bet that most have heard the assertion, if not the research, about the arts and math. A couple of times a year, I hear the question from a parent and it is always difficult to answer. The difficulty lies in whom the child is we are speaking about and how my own […]

Supporting The Arts In a Climate of Financial Crisis

In a financial climate that calls for prioritization, sacrifice and often a day to day fight to keep our heads above water, interesting (yet entirely explainable) contradictions appear: Sales of $50 video games remain strong if not increase. The price of gold continues to rise. It seems that while historically America has seen, understood and […]

The 5 Elements of Reading Instruction and How They Relate to Theater

In our fast paced world of smart phones, GPS, tablets and other forms of near-instant information, it may seem that literacy skills have become less important than the tactile navigational routines we have developed. On the contrary, the acquisition of literacy skills and the teaching of them remains a central and evolving component of education. […]

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